Wednesday, April 16, 2008


yesterday was the recording of the cd for the magazine i've been working on. basically, we met at our faculty advisor's house and sat around and then one of us would go in to the tiny office/music room he had and record our poem, song or story for a cd we stick in the back of the magazine. not too many people showed up, so we just sort of sat around for four hours, talking about books or playing with the guitars hart had in his house. i brought ava and she just sort of wandered among the knees of all of these artists, offering them chips or princesses and clapping when the music was done.

i'm grateful i went. sometimes i forget what really matters. sometimes i forget about art and music and writing and i worry about fitting in or keeping things clean or whether or not i'm being a good mother. and yesterday, in hart's humble, wonderful home, i thought about all the things i forget because i put other silly stuff in the way.

well, no more. i'm going to write more, take more pictures, sing more songs. it's about time.


redstarmama said...

Good for you! I like this kind of resolution. Feeding the soul is way better than feeding the insecurities and things we can't change.

Amber Marie said...

ah some fresh air once again from the words and thoughts of miriam. thank you!

Liz said...

Good reminder. We all need those!