Wednesday, April 23, 2008

tag me up before you go-go

i am a marked woman, thanks to alyssa.

1. warm weather and my ability to lay in it and soak it all up and then take it inside and nap for hours on end.
2. ava wearing an antennae headband and wobbling her head to make the antennae wobble. it makes me wonder: do ants ever sit around and wobble their heads just for the pure joy of feeling their antennae move about?
3. delicious food. this is not hard to come by. but there is a considerable amount of effort that comes first and then the mess that follows. the former is most definitely not a joy.
4. staying up late with ryan to discuss philosophy, religion, literature, history or our child.

1. ava being taken by someone and their resulting and violent death (at my hand. yes, i fear the thought of killing someone).
2. like alyssa, being trapped underwater (trying not to think about since i am going on a cruise this weekend).
3. ryan or one of my sons being sent to war.

1. stick to my exercise schedule.
2. somehow keep my house in order so i don't have to want to throw myself on to some rocks when i have to find something odd. . .like my passport or worse, ryan's passport.
3. write a book.
4. travel the world.

1. right now? baby boy things that are cute (keyword: cute).
2. my tomato plants
3. getting the dummy book edited and done with and being proud of the work done and not picking it up at the reception to see mistake after mistake after mistake. . .
4. churros.

Surprising facts:
1. i think my sister is more good than i am. anyone who knows both of us would have to agree. she's like beth from little women and i am like jo.
2. i enjoy a good television show and folding laundry. it's the putting away part that i struggle to overcome (and you know what's funny? it's not that hard). i also struggle with emptying the dishwasher, which is, by far, easier than loading it.
3. i search for new pets all the time. it is a regular thing for me pine for a new and random animal weekly. ryan doesn't even move when i say (with all seriousness), "i want a pet elephant." or "when we have a bigger house and a have a little home office for you and me, can i have a pet canary?"

and because of tara, i'd like to add:

1. my pet elephant. her name is joy and she's darling.
2. cultural anthropologist projects i am going to do when my children are older. i have several lined up.
3. me as the kind of mother i want to be. it helps as a motivation.

Guilty Pleasures:
1. tv. even the hills which could be the worst tv i've ever watched in my life.
2. silly romance movies
3. naps.
4. being lazy. i excel at laziness. it is also a talent.

I'm tagging... jenn, katie, erica, amber marie

ps i, for one, am grateful that alyssa has a friend named balls.


Liz said...

I like all these random facts of yours. Very entertaining. Especially the part about wanting an elephant. I've always wanted a Chimpanzee. Well, I did before I had kids anyway. :) I'm afraid of drowning, too. Although I'm not sure if I'm more afraid of drowning or sharks. It's a toss up. Have fun on your cruise!

tara said...

I too struggle with emptying the dishwasher. I can never figure it out. What is my deal?

PS - I enjoy "Balls" almost as much as Alyssa likes being called Peck. Don't ask.

redstarmama said...

1. I also struggle with killing someone in retaliation for taking my child.
2. I am obsessed with churros as well.
3. Beth dies fairly early, Jo lives to inhabit two other books. It's not a bad thing.
4. I have the same domestic issues as regards laundry and dishwashers.
5. I will reply to your tag when my brain is actually functioning.

eRiCa said...

Loved this post and laughed at your ps :) I will be responding to this tag soon...if I am the erica you tagged.