Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July

ava's first power wheel experience. ryan and i were green with envy.
this is the bunny ava tried to free. and scare to death by shaking the cage. she was entranced.
the child spent the majority naked despite the dress grandma kristine purchased. her tan line is so distinct, though, that it kind of looks like she's wearing clothes. so in a way, i win!

despite toddler ava's appearance, i love three-day weekends. i love having ryan around for an extra day and i love being able to relax a little (read: did not do a single dish all weekend--awesome!!). this morning rolled around and it was sad to see ryan get all dressed up for work and leave, breifcase in hand, bluetooth in ear. when's the next one?

ps the fireworks this year? lame. but hearing ava's, "ooh!" was pretty cool. poor thing didn't know how lame they were.

how was your fourth?


Shar said...

Glad you had a great 4th of July!

I love your Toddler Ava post. I have a little Toddler Brett. And Toddler Brett drives me bonkers sometimes.

redstarmama said...

Our fireworks were lame, and I will further elaborate in a future post. I'm glad other people's toddlers hang out in only diapers, too. Thanks for validating my parenting methods.

Manda said...

Ava looks like you when you were little when her hair is up in pigtails. She looks older with her hair up.
Did you know that Idaho Falls (of all places) has the best fireworks west of the Mississippi? I've got to admit, they were probably better than any fireworks I've ever seen.

When I get home, would you like to go to the zoo with me? I haven't been in years.

taradise said...

Ah - those were the days. Running around with nothing but a diaper on.

Amber Marie said...

ava's tan-lines are so cool! camilla has a t-shirt type swimsuit so she is getting the farmer's tan. saaaweeet :)

Hernan said...

I saw many fireworks in my 28 years old life, and I thought that the fireworks this years everywhere here were amazing... 30 to 45 minutes long and spectacular.

Freckles said...

3 day weekends are the best, I agree! Mine was even better because Jeremy and the kids picked me up from the airport that morning and then I got to take a nap (exhausted from the wedding). We did a few fireworks and went to bed early.

Ava is sure a cutie, I can say that because I'm not the "toddler's" mommy! haha. Natalie is really into her toddler phase, too and it's wearing me out. i think that is her plan though, slowly wear me down until she always gets her way.