Monday, July 14, 2008


the worst thing about having a little girl is all of the little girl hair. it's everywhere! it's wild! it also doesn't help that the minute i sit ava down in her car seat and get in to my own seat she reaches back, finds whatever hair thing is there, yanks it out and chews on it for however long the car ride is.

but when i see those two little piggy-tails curling so sweetly and bouncing as she runs for a corner-any corner in which she can huddle and start pulling those blasted hair things out, i melt. i'm looking forward to a small boy that must merely have his hair trimmed. i look forward to pinning his wailing, writhing body while some poor hairdresser attempts to trim his hair with sharp instruments.

it's amazing more of us aren't one-eyed.


Liz said...

I love little girl pig tails and I don't even have a little girl. They are precious!

oh amanda said...

I hear you! My daughter had about 3 haircuts by the time she was 1! She's got longer hair than me and I find it all over the place...and usually connected to a clippie or ponytail holder! ;)

Freckles said...

I'm with ya! Natalie won't leave hers alone, we buy new clippies every week since she loses so many! I have a huge collection of single clippies that don't match, maybe we could trade some! The only way she leaves them in is if I take the time to do a single ponytail in the back where she can't reach!