Monday, July 28, 2008

the other side of things

ryan left yesterday for the week on business. yes, he is a distinguished business man in business clothes and a bluetooth in his ear. and his wife is barefoot and pregnant. take that bluetooth away and we look like some postwar world war 2 family. where's my picket fence (or, more importantly, where's my house)?

anyway, when ryan's gone, i sleep on his side of the bed with his pillow. so, after dragging all sorts of articles i've been meaning to read into bed with me, i left them happily on my side (benefit to not having to share the bed) and snuggled down with my husband's side of the bed. which was uncomfortable. in a big way. it seemed that right into my lower back there was some sort of awful lump in our mattress. after a moment's grumble, i pulled the whole bed apart to discover that in the wash a large rag had clung to the sheet in the laundry and the bed was made with this rag still attached. for the last week ryan has said nothing about this awful lump on his side of the bed.

i suspect that this lump, combined with the fact that his wife is 35 weeks pregnant and therefore awful, helped ryan see the positive side to this business trip. perhaps he even clicked his heels as he headed up the tarmac. i would have.

ps i could use some good book recommendations.


Shar said...

We're reading Mao's Last Dancer for our book club. I haven't bought it yet, but a couple of the gals said it was fantastic.

I loved Kite Runner.

Hernan said...

My sister is pregnant too.. I just found out the other day... so she will be experiencing all this lovely changes.

I am reading Narnia.. and I really love it.

But I guess you already read all those books I am reading. (harry Potter, Secret garden, Narnia, etc.

Sarah said...

I'm just reading my accounting homework because I didn't end up going to San Francisco -- this time. (But that's not a good recommendation.) Are you maybe, possibly, perchance, free this evening?

redstarmama said...

I have recently loved these:
Life of Pi
The Soul of a Chef
The Good Earth (one of my FAVES!!!)
The Forsyte Saga (also available from Netflix as a BBC miniseries...excellent!)

I too commandeer the other side of the bed when Justin is gone. And I'm sure he enjoyed his business trips when I was pregnant the last time. He probably wished he could take business trips during my first pregnancy. I was a dragon-lady!

Manda said...

I don't have any book recommendations (the last book I attempted to read was awful. You'd hate it) but I was wondering if you still have that book about the man who decided to live for a while like the people in the bible. I don't remember the name of it, but I do remember wanting to read it.

carol said...

The Secret Life of Bees

Erica said...

A Year Living Biblically was pretty good - but it sounds like you've read it. I'm reading Dry right now, which is a memoir by the same guy who wrote Running With Scissors. I'm only a quarter way through it but its really good. He has a good voice

Freckles said...

I just finished Stop worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie, it was so good. It was originally published in the 40's, but it is still relevant and full of good quotes!