Friday, July 11, 2008

young love at its best

one time when ryan and i were dating (new dating) we were sitting at a stoplight and he was thinking about how much he wanted to impress me and i was thinking about how impressed i was and then ryan, with a look of complete confidence, pointed at the stoplight, snapped his fingers and said, "green."

and the light turned green.

then he looked at me with all the omnipotence in the world and i said, "you're a dork."

but secretly i was thinking, "I MUST MARRY THIS MAN."


Amber Marie said...

that's a great story. good thing the light turned green.

redstarmama said...

I love that you told him has was a dork. Priceless and totally something I would do, too.

Manda said...

No, not really. It would only count if I were purchasing it myself.
No one in my family is even purchasing a house here. Heather's dad is.
You might still beat me on buying a house.

Liz said...

Who wouldn't want to marry someone who could always turn their red lights green?! I could use that extra time in my day that I would save by avoiding red lights altogether.