Tuesday, July 1, 2008

call her headstrong

we spend a lot of time out and about, but on the particularly hot days, we come home to find this:

it's madeline, as limp as a wet rag. perhaps her coat is a little too thick for the summertime, and it may be merciful of me to shave her. we'll see. she's going to have to do a lot more snuggling if she wants to be "clean shaven".

my favorite part about madeline is that i can call her name and she'll lift her head and mwor?

i'm not one of those people who thinks their cat can understand them. but it is as if she's asking me what i need before she comes over. and i'll tell her, "i want to scratch your ears." and then she weighs out her options in her head. . .and settles right back down.

as much as i delight in my own child's independence, i am disappointed in my cat's.


Manda said...

One of my good friends here in Idaho is staying on campus again this semester. Last week her roommatefound a two day old kitten abandoned outside their dorm building and is now keeping it in her bedroom in a box. She has the right formula to nurse it and he's doing really well, despite being so tiny, eyes still close, without a mother.
They also have a rabbit in their dorm.
I'm really jealous. I want to keep an animal in my apartment. I miss my cat.

Kari said...

we have a fluffy cat like that. We shaved him part way.(the clippers gave out, too much hair I guess) now he looks sickly. but theres a lot less hair floating around the house. I think he likes it.