Tuesday, August 19, 2008

keepin' it real since 2006

warning: this post is the kind of post that only grandparent's appreciate. skipping is completely understandable.

ava's birthday party was a week and a day ago and i just barely am getting around to getting the pictures off of my camera and on to this blog (where you have been anxiously awaiting them. no need to lie, we all know the truth). my excuse is that i'm pregnant which also worked as an excuse when ryan asked me why he couldn't drink out of my water bottle.

in the pool. obviously. here she is probably saying, "swimming! swimming!" while furiously pumping her legs and waving her arms. it is charming to her parents and her grandparents and perhaps, her future husband. all others are immune.

receiving her first crown. a crown that she can't quite get on without any help and a crown that she refuses any help getting on. i have nearly crushed it beneath my heel many times. but i have resisted because once she does get it on, the effect is quite charming.
me pregnant. there you go, the last picture of me and gestational seth that i ever hope to post (and yes that is my belly button and yes, i know, it's huge. it is also irrepressible).
ava and the gift that made all the other children cry (save the child who was playing with it). who knew plastic food would hold such a strong appeal to the 2-year-old mind? also, notice the crown worn hip-hop style. that's how she rolls.
and finally, ava as a princess. one of these days i'm going to move my pregnant self from the couch to the floor and dress ava up and take some real pictures. ava is adorable (and old looking) in her princess dress. sadly, she was moving too quickly to get a decent picture.

special thanks to my sister for being party photographer.
and special thanks to my parents for hosting the party. it was a hit.
AND special thanks to ava for being born. because then who would be shattering my eardrums crying over crowns worn backwards?

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redstarmama said...

This is why I love having a girl. Boys just don't do princess stuff. She is adorable.

I am strangely jealous of your pregnant belly button. Mine never pops out like that. It's cute in a fertile, ready to pop, don't make me mad I'm super pregnant way.

And I totally agree about crushing the crown under foot. There are several items I have almost subjected to the same treatment.