Monday, August 4, 2008

32 days

as an 8-month pregnant woman, i am large (so you'll be lucky if i post a picture on here). i am also a little awkward. in fact, i truly look forward to the day when i can move around without banging my stomach into things (several times it has been the back of ryan's chair as he sits and works at the dining room table and i am going in and out of the kitchen. that really hurts). and ava's nearly had to give up on my lap, although we've compromised and she can easily and comfortably rest on one leg if i'm sitting in lotus. i remember counting the days down to hugging ryan again. now i'm counting the days down to hugging ryan and holding ava.

seth is head down all the time now, with his spine against mine and his knees sometimes bumping out of my stomach. he's more of a roller than a jabber now, in movement. i guess he's running out of room. i really love holding my hand over my stomach and feeling his little knees skimming my fingertips. i so look forward to seeing him be a newborn: watching the funny, pointed lips yawn, the wrinkled fingers spread wide and then curl into fists and press up against his cheeks. so funny that something so ugly can be so beautiful to its creator (and grandparents).


Rebekah said...

M- I LOVE your blog! What a joy to find you and hear your wise, clever, honest, and loving voice in these posts. SO fun to see! Your family is beautiful and I'm excited for this new little boy to enter it!! Send me an email if you get a minute and I'll add your email to our blog permissions if you're interested! With love, Becky Thurston Jackson

Annie said...

Oh I love the alien movements! I can't believe you're almost done! Woot woot!