Friday, August 29, 2008

to seth: welcome home, sorry if your sister kills you

seth has come home. our little family is complete (and our little living room is suddenly a lot smaller).
ryan couldn't come to the hospital because ava isn't allowed in the nicu, so he stayed home with her and i went and picked him up (and fretted while a hospital volunteer eagle-eyed my fitting the car seats straps around a tiny newborn). ryan and i were so excited to see ava's reaction to seth. would she be happy? would she be mad? would she be jealous? would she even care?
one look at that little thing and she promptly burst into tears. it was hilarious. lucky for us it only lasted a minute. then she decided that she did like him after all and wanted to hold him. now that's all she wants to do. i am often being bellowed at (not that that's any news-it's just now there's a new and exciting subject matter).
"HOLD BABY!" she says, sitting on the couch, her arms extended.
my newest and greatest fear is that ava will kill seth with kindness. she is often "feeding" him small things she finds on the floor or "playing" with him by dropping enormous stuffed animals on his face and then leaning on them. she likes to hold him by herself which involves her grabbing him by the neck and pulling him in. this one is a little tricky because if you try and take him away too quickly her grip will tighten (please don't send child services to my house. i'm attempting to resolve this issue by always having one of them with me at all times. i am never alone. ever.).


Bethany said...

Ah, I remember those days, when you can't even go to the bathroom by yourself. Hopefully Ava will start to understand how to treat a baby someday soon! Congrats, and Seth is adorable!

AnnieBJ said...

"Welcome home, sorry if your sister kills you"... A ha ha ha ha! Oh gosh, too true!

That adjustment can be pretty hard for the eldest. Just wait until she realizes that Seth is actually staying. That's fun. But at least she's sweet to him! That's something!

Glad Seth is home and you all can just hunker down together. Good luck with finding some alone time! I tend to take longer in the bathroom than is required just to get a minute or two to myself!

Congratulations! He's adorable, as newborns are.

Eliza said...

I am loving this...partly because I don't have to deal with it yet! But I will soon!

As far as I can tell, most babies seem to survive their older siblings somehow...good luck! :)

Leah said...

Awww. He's darling. I can only imagine what you're going through. Little Drew is very "friendly" with infants too. It freaks me out. Good luck. You're family is so CUTE!

Sarah said...

Do you think we were just like that as older sisters? (I don't have much of a memory of Ben, Leah made me popular with all my friends, but I really, really disliked Emily.)

Bells said...

Congratulations! What a gift to hold such a beautiful baby brother, to smell that sweet milky baby smell, and feel the softeness and dewiness of fine baby hair. Ava is probably have an explosion in sensory satisfaction. Oh congrats to your little family!

AnnieOfBlueGables said...

he is an exceptionally beautiful newborn. Not all newborns are created equal, and I think I had six of the most beautiful, but grandchildren have proved there are at least 12 more, now yours is added to that list of most beautiful. Congrats, sweet M