Friday, August 15, 2008

a mess

ava willingly makes messes. then she holds her hands and up and refuses to do anything more until they, at least, are clean. she will announce this by saying, "a mess," in a sort of disappointed and grave tone.

i feel like i am a mess. not a mess, so much, as my motivation to get things done has melted and now it is pooling up all over the place and leaving messes everywhere i go. i can't help but feel not being pregnant might resolve this melted motivation, but then i remember that not being pregnant anymore will result in a baby who will create messes and require hard work and i think, am i really up for that?

i have no idea.

does anyone have any suggestions for solidifying motivation and putting it to good use?

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redstarmama said...

My motivation solidification technique involves enduring the squalor until I a)cannot believe the mess and b)have gathered the mental energy to tackle it.

I am not very motivated. Usually.

Good luck.