Thursday, August 21, 2008

weekly mouse(s)

this is probably the only piece of clothing that has ever captured my heart. ava wears it often.
i love this dress almost as much as i love her.nah.


Amber Marie said...

it is cute. needless to say, ava is cuter.

p.s. did you hate it? i saw your comment on twitter :)

Kari said...

simply adorable. I can't wait to have a girl one day that I can dress up in such cuteness.

bird said...

amber, i hated it.

redstarmama said...

Gotta love Baby Gap. Sometimes. Late summer and fall are definitely their high points, in my opinion.

I am a total sucker for little girl clothes, and I love when an outfit only enhances my child's natural cuteness.

Justin and Shannon said...

She is just getting more and more beautiful. I just lover her. I can't see her and davis together. I need your and ryans address I have a birthday present for ava.