Friday, August 8, 2008

weekly mouse

this week we pulled seth's cradle out of the closet that is our storage space and set it up (this was to make room for the enormous pile of boxes we pulled from our friends patio after they finished moving). ava was intrigued. she has spent a good amount of time talking about "ses" and his bed and making small cradle-like beds all about the house. this one was set up in the front door using a laundry basket, the beach quilt and my blankee (something ava is becoming attached to. i can see a petty childish fight in my near future as i insist i be the one who sleeps with her own blankee and ava be the one to sleep with hers).
i think in this picture she's imitating marat's death. vive le france!

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Rebekah said...

I LOVE this picture. She's gorgeous. You're a doll--but you always have been. :)