Tuesday, March 17, 2009

cheap thrills

saturday we went down the 101 to griffith park. this is a place that i have memories of as a kid and i love coming back. actually, i love any chance to head into the "city" so i was definitely more excited than ava, who was thrilled. this, in turn, thrilled seth, who tried to scale ryan on numerous occasions in order to join in the fun. ava's favorite parts were the climbing and mine were the picture taking, even though my picture taking moments were often marred by a bad focus. i have no idea what was going on with me that day, but it definitely wasn't picturesque.
this train ride came at the end and was ava's favorite part. she thought every train she stepped on was going to be the train ride and kept asking tour guides to "make the train go". our day ended with exhausted children, an exhausted ryan and this baby getting a diaper change in the trunk:

it was the biggest thrill of his day.


Trisha said...

We we're there on Saturday too.

taradise said...

Hey I was there on Friday. Actually, I went to the Observatory and watched the show. Which was both awesome and totally whack.

miriam said...


how was the narrator's voice? because our narrator was the best thing to make fun of. ever.

pillpotblankies said...

funny miriam...can i just say that your blog is the best part of my day today!

Krista said...

Is it pathetic that I am finding myself shamelessly jealous of the cleanliness of your trunk?

miriam said...


if it wasn't clean, where would i change my children's diapers? or put them down for naps? or stash all of our nasty, sandy beach stuff when i'm avoiding emptying the car out?