Thursday, March 19, 2009

tagging is for lovers

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?10 year ago I was 15. what I remember about being 15: I had a "hen party" for my birthday and wanted to have a pet tiger and an orphanage when I grew up. 2.Things On My To Do list 1. make chocolate cookies but omit the chocolate chips and roll them in cinnamon sugar before baking them. 2. call my mom up and tell her about the cookies. 3. Bad Habits 1. fruit juice. 2. procrastination. 3. spending money 4. Places I have Lived 1. where i am living right now 2. orem, ut 3. san dimas, ca 5. Things Most People Don't Know About Me 1. i have been to europe 5 times. 2. my favorite place was italy. it felt like home. 3. the second trip to italy i wrote a story that later won best fictional piece at my college. 4. at one point, ryan and i had 11 cats in our 2 bedroom apartment. 5. i am a mostly vegetarian.

i tag the hambly fambly, mandy, amanda and jenn.


redstarmama said...

You are a genius. I would never have thought of making chocolate chip-less chocolate chip cookies and then rolling them in cinnamon sugar. That sounds completely appetizing and scrumptious!

Thanks for the tag.

Angela said...

It was so good to hear from you! Your kids are beautiful! Jack is getting very big! I just blinked and he was as tall as me! Angela (Friedrich) Zeman

Aria Bethards said...

Wow, Europe 5're a lucky girl. I feel exactly the same way about Italy! I've been when I was really young, and then again last year with Tommy, and there was something so warm and "at home" like you said. I want to see your short story -can you send it to me or post it?

Oh yeah, and ELEVEN CATS?!! I wish I got to see that. :)