Tuesday, March 10, 2009

file this one under family issues

i'm on the phone with my mom and we're talking about our passports.

"do you know where yours is?" my mom asks.

i do the whole laugh-it-off while desperately searching my memory for where it might be. "do i know where it is?" i say, my tone a bit higher than normal. i remember, relax and say, "i think it's in the folder marked 'important papers'."

then she laughed. and i didn't get it. unless she was laughing because hers was filed away in the filing cabinet for the M through Q items and it was in a file that was red to signify it had something to do with international travel and it was marked, 'passport-current'.

there's this anal gene that i totally missed out on.


redstarmama said...

Your mom is gnarly and definitely doesn't have toddlers anymore. Maybe the anal gene will manifest itself later in life. ;)

miriam said...

are you kidding me? its that anal gene that leads to her ultra organizing abilities which made her the super mom that she was. the woman had six kids and homeschooled all of them and always knew where things were.

redstarmama said...

Oh. Well, bummer for you then. ; )

Sally said...

I'm gnarly?