Tuesday, March 24, 2009

a weddin'

saturday my cousin isabelle got married and ryan and i went down to the los angeles temple to witness the ceremony. going to temple sealings (called such because the couple is sealed for all time and eternity) is such an honor. even though mormon families are often big, the temple sealing rooms are small and only family and close friends that are old enough and worthy can come in. so, while i've known many people to be married, i've really only been to a handful of sealings. typically, the ceremony itself is rather short, so the gentleman conducting the ordinance always adds a bit of advice or a bit of sermon. i love it because every sealing is a little different and i always come away newly inspired about marriage.

one special moment that stuck with me is when isabelle and abe stood and looked in the mirrors (temple sealing rooms have two mirrored walls facing eachother so that when you look into them you can see no end, a symbol of eternity) and the sealer pointed out that they stood side by side, equal partners for eternity and that the beautiful chandelier, a symbol of the light of Christ, stood over them.

i find so much comfort in my religion and that symbol of Christ being centered over a marriage where two people are equally yoked struck me as so beautiful. this world can be such a tricky one, full of sorrow and hardship, but also joy and experience. i'm so grateful for the things that i have, for God, for my husband and for the opportunity to face the world fortified.


redstarmama said...

Perfect post. Thank you.

Amber Marie said...

great post. amen!

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful experience it must be. Can't wait for my own.

Liz said...

Ah, you got me. *Sniff* Lovely.