Thursday, March 26, 2009

son of a beach

last week we went to the beach and it was AWESOME. the weather was priceless and the children LOVED it. we stayed for four hours. i repeat, FOUR HOURS. this preview to summer, my most favorite of all the seasons, has me anticipating the hot weather with an itch. i love warm weather and sunshine, i love being outside and i love playing all day. it makes me feel alive.

so here's to the summer, to the beach and to the hopes that the hairiest man alive will still be there. gotta love the hairiest man alive.

also, there are those of you who are reading this, who know me and who don't live next to the beach. come and stay with me. i will take you to the beach. it will rejuvenate you.

seth using someone else's hat to cover up his little bald head. yeah, i forgot a hat. my poor children.
ava and her friend hazel with their blow-up rings and a piece of seaweed that ava informed me was a "rope", a "pet" and a "stuck". i don't know what that means.


redstarmama said...

Can't wait for beach season!!! I can feel the weather here wanting to be warm, but afraid to take the leap. Come visit me and we'll go to the beach together!

Mandy said...

Um, this post made me cry a little when I realized that i live nowhere near the beach. I am a CALIFORNIAN, how did that happen?? On the brighter side I get to come visit CA in June and will definitely be making a beach trip (big belly and all).

the kiddos are adorable in these pictures.

miriam said...


let's go!

Mari said...

Ooh! I want to go! It's rainy season here and I could use some sand and sun.

Krista said...

Will you take me to the beach? Rumor has it that we do have beaches here in Maryland, but I haven't seen any yet. Still looking.

Erica said...

what do you mean "waiting for warm weather"? You live in California! You've grown weak living outside of Utah!