Wednesday, June 4, 2008


this is my blankee (it's the thing i'm wrapped up in):it was my mother's, given to her when she was fourteen. she calls it the "guilt quilt" because all the girls in her church class were making quilts and my mom thought that was stupid and openly made fun of the project. then she got really sick and went to the hospital and the girls from her class visited her and brought her a quilt.

it goes with me everywhere. i sleep with it every night and when i nap, i nap with my blankee. i love it because it is huge so it covers all of me, with extra to spare so i can bunch it up under my chin. and it is light so i can easily have it covering me on summer nights when it is too hot to use anything else. i took it with me on our mexican cruise. when ryan saw our very large and full suitcase he began to go through it and hold up items he didn't deem worthy. like the extra outfit i had packed (what if i spill or don't feel like wearing one of the other things i brought) or the extra two books (he had a point, there was really only one day for reading) or . . . my blankee. the look i gave him said very well that this was a non-negotiable (you'd think after all this time, he'd know). i took it to the hospital with me when ava was born (this is me calling my mom to describe the perfection that i consider my daughter to be):

when we were first married, it was a HOT summer night and ryan asked if we could just share the blankee. being a newlywed, i agreed. so this worked well (i told you it was big) until i fell asleep and i apparently gathered the entire thing around my body and used all of the extra for myself. ryan reports that he woke several times to try to wrestle the blankee back and failed (i've never been good at sharing). and when i am pregnant and exhausted? there is nothing better than wrapping up with my blankee and feeling comfortable (sometimes for the first time that day).

so tell me, is it strange for a grown woman to have a blankee?


Erica said...

I don't think so. I have a pillow that I bring everywhere. The only time I don't pack it is when I'm going home, because my house is full of pillows like mine. I was staying at a friend's apartment and could not sleep and didn't know why, so the next night I ran home and got my pillow and I fell asleep immediately. That's all I needed.

redstarmama said...

I have a quilt that my grandma made for me when I was at Ricks (when it was still Ricks). My kids call it "Mommy's Special Blanket". It is flannel and worn and red and lovely, and I hardly ever let anyone else touch it. So no, I don't think it's strange. Not at all.

Freckles said...

Not at all. Jeremy teases me because I have a pillow, not as old as your blankie though.

I snagged it from the plane on our honeymoon (before they started making the pillows out of styrofoam and air). It's a nice little pillow. I sleep with it every night. And yes I washed it like 3 times before using it at home after the honeymoon, don't want mexican jumping bugs in bed!

Annie said...

I have a blankee that has been around the block a few times. The only thing that is holding it together these days is the yarn my grandmother tied it together with. I love it.

Annie said...

PS: I love your bedspread!

Hernan said...