Sunday, June 8, 2008

happy birthday to you, bid-air

in the middle, fourth child from my parent's clan

aaron turned 14 on saturday. i really like him. he's my brother, he's got these GORGEOUS blue eyes and this amazing rock star hair and these freckles. . .he's pretty cute. he used to walk around the house trying to keep his eyes open and shut all at the same time. this caused him to walk in to walls and doors and fall down stairs, but it was hilarious. also, amanda and i put him in more dresses than he'd care to have us admit (we had sort of wanted a sister).

sheesh, i love that kid.

a favorite aaron moment: he is told to set the table and sulks. my mother says, "if you don't set the table, you don't get to eat."

aaron sulks some more, then asks, "what are we having?"

mom says, "spaghetti."

aaron considers this and then says, "i'm not eating and i'm not setting the table." he's then sent to his room, where he goes willingly, and we continue with the evening (note: i probably had to set the table instead). at dinnertime though, aaron slinks back in to the dining room looking dejected, as if he was forgotten. as he lifts a limp hand toward the roll basket my father stops him, "aaron? no. you gave up your opportunity for dinner when you declined to set the table."

aaron acts shocked and betrayed, "what?" he gasps, reaching again toward the rolls (his favorite).

my dad shakes his head and gestures towards the bedrooms with his fork. "excuse yourself," he says.

i'm certain that aaron sputtered and my dad insisted. then aaron slunked into the hallway, shut the door and sat just on the other side, wailing pitifully. this went on for several minutes. until: "you guys," he sobbed. "i hope you know it's illegal to starve your child."

this happened last week (just kidding).

happy, happy birthday, bid-air. you saved my marriage.

ps there were other pictures to be posted. lots. and they were good. but i took them with my mom's camera and my stupid computer is SO STUPID and it won't read her memory card. i don't know why. maybe because it's old (or maybe because it's stupid). for details on my frustration, ask ryan.


Manda said...

It seems that Taco doesn't have a home, like we thought. I have several friends who've taken her home for an afternoon over the past couple of semesters. If I see her again, I'm determined to bring her back to the apartment and keep her. Secretly, since we're not allowed to have animals (except fish, although last semester they weren't allowed).

Poor Aaron had a scare yesterday when Mom had a reaction while everyone was at church. I'm almost positive he could have gotten her to drink some pop, but I don't think he's forceful enough. Perhaps we should train him on what to do. He was so scared to call 911. But he did well.
I can't believe he's 14 already...

Erica said...

how did aaron save your marriage? did ryan say he was going to divorce you if aaron set the table and aaron, yet again, refused to set the table?

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Aaron! I'm curious about the saved marriage, too. Also, is your mom ok?

taradise said...

Don't younger brothers make life interesting? Perhaps that is too nice of a word, actually. Happy birthday Aaron!

Hernan said...

I want to know how Aaron saved your marriage!!!!

Did he have a Man to man conversation with Ryan???

Go Aaron!!!!