Wednesday, June 18, 2008


somehow the parenting magazines know when you're pregnant and begin sending free issues your way. perhaps, they think, she'll get hooked on us and have to keep buying issues until she's no longer a parent. which is never. then they laugh maniacally.

i hate these parenting magazines (i sort of hate all magazines, so this doesn't mean as much as it could). i think they are full of non-information that can be misleading and disheartening to mothers. especially new ones. i read them anyway. then i get all fired up and do one of two things: a) i write a big long journal entry or b) i call ryan and vent for an extended amount of time. if i'm really fired up, i c) call my mother and do the same thing. but the best part about my mother is she's a woman too and she gets all fired up also and then we're united in our fury. when we calm down, we feel smug. i like feeling smug with someone else. it rarely happens with ryan. he just isn't woman enough.

anyway, i'm reading in my parenting magazine (called parenting, if you can believe that) and i read a reader's comment. she says (something along the lines of), "when i go to the grocery store, i always buy a nordstroms gift card and write it off as groceries. then it's totally justified!"

irritating in a couple of ways: a) she's lying to her husband. b) she's totally misused the word justified. because that, cherie, is not justifying anything. it's just plain sneaky.

and for the love of pete, people, can't you read? it's nordstrom. there is absolutely no s at the end of that word.

big sigh. i can feel the smugness coming on.


Shar said...

Amen sister. Nordstrom. Not Nordstroms.

Ryan said...

Maybe she meant she buys A. Nordstrom's gift card. As in the gift card of Albert Nordstrom, the famous physicist. p.s. I like to call it Nordies.

redstarmama said...

My grandma always calls it Nordies. I think it's because they are on a nickname basis. She shops there a lot. Maybe Nordies calls my grandma a nickname, too. And I HATE parenting magazines. It feels like they are written for women for whom parenting is a side project. I am not one of those.

Amber Marie said...

i just started hating parenting magazines as of 2 days ago. i think it was the same magazine you read. there was an article on immunizations that was so out of line and incorrect I feel like writing to them, but as you know, I am very poor writer.

Davianne said...

Hi Miriam!
I don't know if you remember me but I just happened upon you blog and wanted to say hi! I didn't know you and Ryan got married, you two are so cute and so is your little Ava. But it's SO weird to see him with all the facial hair! Oh, and congrats on your new baby bump!

~Davianne (Dalton) Hughes

Liz said...

Ha ha! People are so messed up. Don't know why that's funny. Mostly it's just sad. I feel bad for that lady's husband...and for all the people who decide it's okay to lie because the lady in the Parenting magazine did it.

Crystal said...

I'm sorry Miriam, but this post just made me bust up laughing. Because of that part where you said, "and for the love of pete, people, can't you read? it's nordstom. there is absolutely no s at the end of that word."

You're absolutely right, there is no s. But there are supposed to be two r's.

bird said...

crystal, you got me! i fixed it, but now i feel less smug and mostly sheepish!