Thursday, June 5, 2008

weekly mouse

we took ava to the zoo last saturday. near the end, completely exhausted, we let her push the stroller out of the zoo. she was so excited she didn't notice that we'd exited until it was too late. then she sort of did this throw-your-self-on-the-concrete-and-cry thing which resulted in ryan carrying her to the car like this. after that, she continued to cry but not because she'd been tricked in to leaving the zoo.


Amber Marie said...

I am skeptical on the brownies. I have yet to have un-boxed brownies that I like, but because of my respect for your opinion I may try this one out. As for the blankey, I have one too, although did give mine up about the time I got married. It is somewhere in storage, sad little thing. I do miss it though.

Sally said...

Hey, that plate is cute. I want it back.

bird said...

amber- i have never liked brownies in any other form than from the box either, but these are actually good. really rich, but really good also.