Thursday, June 26, 2008

i am an emotional woman

but i blame it on the fetus. which means that when he's born, i'm going to have to find something else to point my finger at, because really? i am an emotional woman all of the time.

i was remembering this morning being in the last part of pregnancy with ava and getting off the phone with my aunt emily and immediately sobbing. ryan was doing the dishes and cast me a concerned glance but did not move because since being pregnant i had been known to cry over really unimportant things. like a kodak commercial. which i can't tell you about right now, because i will probably start crying about it.
"it's okay," i told ryan. "i'm not crying for any reason at all." and then i cried harder. because i didn't have a reason to cry and i was crying anyway.


well, i'm at it again. poor ryan. he has to leave for a training session in new jersey for an entire week at the end of july and i've already started crying about it. last night i was going to sleep and he handed me my blanket and i blubbered, "who's going to take care of me when you're gone? who?" and now i have to wash my blanket because i cried all over it. i think maybe he'll be a little relieved to be in new jersey. it will definitely be drier there. and maybe less hysterical.


Amber Marie said...

I cry when Ryan leaves (my ryan, though I'll shed a tear for you when yours leaves) and I am not even pregnant :)

I remember when I was preggo watching the end of My Best Friend's Wedding, which I had seen a number of times before, and crying so hard-BECAUSE- there were fireworks at the wedding and I didn't get fireworks at my wedding like I wanted...Ryan laughed so hard it made me cry more! ridiculous, i know.

Liz said...

My pregnancies ruined me. I was never a crier before I got pregnant with Soren. Now I cry during commercials, too. I was sobbing during Patch Adams...heaving sobs. Dan just sat there looking back and forth between me and the TV with this silly little grin on his face like, "Oh, this is fun to watch you lose control." And I just sat there punching him for mocking me.

Erica said...

I cry a lot for no reason and I'm not pregnant. I cry so much and for such unconsequential things that Kofi doesn't even look alarmed or panicked when I start crying in front of him. Consider yourselves lucky.

The Nurse said...

oh honey! i am so sorry. icried when conor left when i was 8 months pregnant and i cried when he left a few weeks ago. it is hard being on your own and caring for your little one. i hope it goes ok for you. :(