Wednesday, June 25, 2008

potty time

i have to tell ava when i'm going to the bathroom or else she sort of spins into a bit of a meltdown at not knowing where i am. but not only do i have to tell her, she has to come with me. so we sit in the bathroom and she looks pretty bored. we talk about baths and showers and using the potty and. . .and. . .well, nothing else because there is nothing else in the bathroom to talk about.

the odd part is that she acts really excited to go in to the bathroom with me. i say, "i'm going to the bathroom." and she jumps up and starts shouting, "Come! Come!" and she sort of dance/runs to the bathroom and gets there before i do and stands there looking at the toilet with all sorts of anticipation on her face.

this could be a sign to me that i might need to do a bit more to entertain my daughter. perhaps if she knew that there were more interesting things out there she wouldn't be so excited to sit in a tiny room with me and discuss the shower.


Liz said...

Or maybe she's ready for potty training?

My kids follow me everywhere in the house. They're like little puppy dogs. Whenever Dan comes home to me in my pj's still and has that look on his face like "what have you done all day?," I just remind him that at least he gets to go to the bathroom by himself!

Hernan said...


redstarmama said...

Greer likewise accompanies me to the loo. Or if I manage to make it in there without her, she pops her head in and says hi. Without fail. I remember Declan doing this too, and I also remember the huge feeling of relief when I realized I had used the bathroom for a week straight with no visitors or tag-alongs. It will happen, eventually. Usually right in time for the next one to start doing it.
Now my kids both have to be with me at all times. And not just with me, but sitting on me or climbing over me or pounding me in the most uncomfortable places. Why? Why must they? It's a question for the ages.