Friday, September 19, 2008

everyone has their limits

lounging around in the heat late at night. ryan has a great idea:

"let's get ice cream."

"if we want to go get ice cream we have to change ava's diaper, get her dressed, find her shoes and then we have to change seth, get him in his carrier and pack the diaper bag."

ryan is silent a moment before saying, "they'd have to be giving away free houses for me to do all that for ice cream."


cara lou said...

My questions is...why DON'T they give away free houses?

taradise said...

Is all that REALLY necessary to get out of the house? I see naked barefoot kids in stores all the time!

PS - Why all the hating on Palin? I'm surprised - I would have thought you'd like her.

carol said...

What you do is, one of you runs out and gets ice cream and brings it home, jiggety jig.

sheena said...

so so so true. one must NEVER run out of icecream. don't you have your 30 day supply??

Aria Bethards said...

Hahaha! We have this same conversation almost every night....we keep forgetting that it's usually just not worth going out at all after seeing all the work that goes into getting a newborn ready and out the door!