Tuesday, September 9, 2008

you may call it brown, but i call it gold

pictures from our hike to the chumash center on saturday:i love california. as we hiked through the heat (ava's face matched her shirt) ryan and i kept commenting to each other about the smell: a combination of oak trees, dirt and "fresh air". it felt good to be outside, it felt good to be moving around in it. and it felt especially good to do both and not be pregnant at the same time (new for me. both ryan and i felt that my seth pregnancy was twice as long as my ava pregnancy). new family goal: hike more (perfect timing since "fall" is arriving and it'll cool down a bit).

quick story: friends moved to california from the midwest (a place that amazed with its ability to be green of its own accord) and were looking at houses with a realtor. my friend looked around at our rolling hills and said, "it's so brown."
the realtor replied, "we prefer the word gold."

it was brown on saturday. and yet still so beautiful.


Krista said...

REALLY? I felt like my second pregnancy was half as long as the first. I was pregnant with Kate for WAY longer (okay in reality, 4 days) than Brooklyn. With the second I was more like, "Oh what? I was pregnant?" I think the time of year has a lot to do with it though. It's way harder to be very pregnant in the summer than in winter.

Hernan said...

It is brown but not like Utah, there is brown and happy, here is brown and depressing... and it should be the opposite huh?