Wednesday, February 4, 2009

ava's mexican grandpa

when we went to the zoo, we stopped at this place for lunch. it was a hole in the wall (not literally) mexican spot owned by a little old mexican lady and her husband, a little old mexican man. she made the food in the kitchen (food that was ridiculously spicy) and in between fixing his truck in the back and watching the soccer game on his high definition flat screen tv, he brought us our food.

both loved ava. but especially the little old mexican man. everytime he walked by he stroked her hair and said, as ryan put it, "grandfatherly things". in between bites of rice (the only mild flavored food on the table) ava told them to "stop it" and "don't touch my hair". when the little old mexican man became really distracted by the game (a violent sport, i observed) and forgot to touch ava and to call her a "little doll" she went and stood beside him until he did so. then, secure once again, ava told him to "stop it" and went back and sat down.


Amber Marie said...

what a little girl you have! sounds she is going to be a blast as a teenager :) she wouldn't like it down here. everyone (since it is mostly mexicans) touches camilla- they touch her head and come down over her eyes. strange but i am very use to it now.

Amber Marie said...

sorry about your pushing daisies. especially because everytime i saw it i thought of you because you look like that girl so much! maybe you should start wearing light red lipstick like her :)

Jenn said...

That is such an adorable story!