Wednesday, February 25, 2009


seth threw up this morning. six times in an hour. by his sixth puke the only thing coming up was stomach acid. it was the most heartbreaking thing. after each heave, he would turn towards me, reaching out with his fat little hands and curl into me.

so we are spending our day indoors; coloring pages, reading books and playing in the tent. ava is having a hard time understanding why we can't go somewhere. she's also having a hard time understanding why seth gets a bottle of water and she can't have one, too.

"i'm just going to have a little bit of seth's bottle, okay mom?" she says. after hearing that it is not okay she hotly stalks off to her tent saying, "i'm in my tent ONLY! no one else! i want a BOTTLE!" it's charming, even if she is threatening to cut me out of her presence.

so, in the spirit of fun, i'd like to collect as many terms for throwing up as we can think of. leave one in the comments.

mine: hurl.


Justin and Shannon said...

blow chunks! give him kisses for me and I hope the day gets bettter.

Ryan said...

puke, spew, upchuck. Hope Seth gets better soon.

Heather Lynne said...

Yack, regurgitate, vomit...Poor little boy. And poor, bottleless Ava.

Kari and Robert said...

ralph. I've always said this one, and no one has ever liked it.

cara lou said...


Poor baby Seth! William and I got the flu last November and it was the saddest thing ever when he'd throw up. It was horrible.

redstarmama said...

Oh, poor little sweetie!

Puke is defintely ubiquitous in our house, but also yak. Puke also becomes a noun, or title, as in "Puker Declan" or "Greer's a puker."

Crystal said...

Technicolor yawn. Pray to the porcelain god. Call Ralph on the big white phone.

Little babies should never have to be sick.

taradise said...


Is there not ONE semi-polite synonym? Apparently not.

Get better Seth!

Liz said...

Um, yes, there is Taradise. No one has mentioned "throw up" yet. :0) Or there's "sick up" or "retch," though they aren't really polite. Actually, come to think of it, is there any way to address the act politely. It's pretty gross no matter what you call it. :0)

Poor, poor Seth. I hate throwing up. I'll live through the Hell of nausea for an entire day if only I can keep down the vomit.