Tuesday, February 10, 2009

oh boy, this is a good one

you know when you're ten and you get new shoes and you spend all of your time commanding your mother to watch you run because your new shoes make you run way faster?

well, this weekend i got a camera and i keep commanding ryan, ava and seth to hold still and then showing them how my new camera makes me take pictures way better. i literally spent my weekend indoors, camera in hand, waiting for something amazing to happen so i could catch it on memory card. i almost took it to lunch to meet up with my now friend and former blog buddy but i thought that might be odd.

you want to hear something funny about my now friend? she has a daughter ava's age (that's not the funny part) and we often (without consulting eachother) buy the same shirts for our daughters. well, on saturday we went to old navy together and kept bumping in to one another while holding the same shirts (now you can laugh).

and that's how i spent my weekend.


redstarmama said...

I wouldn't have thought it was weird that you brought your camera. Moments like that need to be documented!

I think the fact that we dress our daughters in the same shirts just exemplifies our good taste.

Aria Bethards said...

ooh, what kind of camera did you get? I just got the Nikon D300, thanks to a warranty with a "no lemon" policy. Yay! Post some pictures from your new camera!

Amber Marie said...

you were still telling your mom to watch you run at 10? wow.


Freckles said...

That is funny. So what kind of camera do you have?!! Yeah, I love new toys, although I can't afford anymore for the rest of my life now! haha Post some of your fabulous pictures, I can't wait to see!

Annie Get Your Camera said...

Oh I want a new baby! I mean camera... (did I say that out loud?!?) What kind did you get? Can't wait to see your photos!