Tuesday, February 17, 2009


this weekend included the following: sleeping in, the bank with chris, jamba juice and oatmeal with ava.

a joke. i said, "i married ryan for his money. and he had a kickin' bod." but no one got it, so i laughed alone and everyone else took me seriously. well, they should have.

a garden, a nap, valentines and an article finished (hooray!).

cookies, chocolates, cupcakes, pretzels dipped in chocolate.

these thoughts: i am loved. i have been my whole life. and on that day of love, i thought about how i will always be loved. and i wish that everyone could feel loved.

i love love.


Amber Marie said...

amen. amen.

Ryan said...

Love Stinks Yeah-a-yah-yah. This spoken by the guy whose wife was out of town for valentine's day and had to sling shrimp to the suckers who ended up at Sizzler on V-day. On a happier note Megan is back and Reed is gaining weight and happier. Things really turned around at 8 pm last night when I saw Megan again.

Hernan said...

I wish I love love, I wish I was loved, I wish I had love. I am loveless.

I don't know what love is, I haven't met love. We haven't been introduced yet.

I did however met it cousin, Loving. I like loving. I have loving parents, and a loving family, and loving friends.

The bad thing is that in English the word 'loving' doesn't exist.

(Never use progressive tense with verbs like love)

The Strong Family said...

Did you love the jamba oatmeal or what, so yummy........

Liz said...

I love love and Jamba Juice. Thanks for the reminder that it exists (JJ, that is). :0)