Saturday, February 14, 2009

yes, i am that mother

and yes, i rock (because that is a pancake).

happy valentine's day!


Annie Get Your Camera said...

This photo is GORGEOUS! And Ava, hello, she is so beautiful! I see your new camera is treating you well!

Aria Bethards said...

wow, you DO rock! Ava's a lucky girl to have such a fun and creative mama.

redstarmama said...

That's a stinkin' cute pancake, is what it is!!! Excellent photo, too, of course.

Amber Marie said...

really gorgeous photo. and i don't know how you manage to make such a perfect heart! i burnt my fingers trying to make much larger ones :)

pillpotblankies said...

Awesome pancakes...I can totally say that I am amazed. You are an awesome mother and your kids are wonderfully polite and fabulous. Happy Valentine's Day:)

Lea said...

Miriam, this is stunning!

Liz said... a beautiful picture of a beautiful little girl! And yes, you do rock. Heart-shaped pancakes?! Who does that? Oh yeah, rockin' Miriam. :0) Happy belated Valentine's Day.