Thursday, February 12, 2009

two and a half

she mimics excellently. like the one time i turned on a disney video from youtube, but it turned out to be cinderella's wicked stepsisters doing their regular thing while put to the soundtrack of "shake your ass". i fumbled to shut it off, juggling seth a bit more roughly than i normally would only to have ava turn to me and say, "shake your ass, mommy? shake your ass?" it was awesome.

the other day she came in with an elmo laptop given to her by an uncle for her birthday, carrying it like a breifcase. "bye, mommy, i'm going to work!" she waved grandly, gave me a kiss, told me to have a good day and that she loved me, let herself out the front door and walked down our driveway to the sidewalk. once there, she seemed a bit confused. she has no idea where this "work" is, only that daddy, grandpas and jeremy seem to do this everyday. so she turned around, let herself back in to the house and cheered, "i'm home! let's play!"

to ava: thanks for sticking it out with me. i am like a fine wine: i mother better with age (apparently, it takes practice to be a mother. that's why seth is so lucky). also, i love you very much.


Aria Bethards said...

so sweet. and hilarious story of the youtube incident. :)

Amber Marie said...

geez you have a gorgeous child! that is so funny about the song, Ryan will laugh so hard. I think he secretly wants Camilla to say something naughty in nursery just because he thinks those kinds of things are so hilarious.

Justin and Shannon said...

I love that little girl and miss you guys already. Keep showing her our pictures so she doesn't forget us. Love you guys, and thank you for spending time with us.