Tuesday, February 24, 2009

he is six months

that is half a year.

my friend had a baby not too long ago and i took her a smoothie. then i held her baby. there's something about a tiny newborn baby that makes you reverent. so i held that tiny baby and felt reverent. and also, a tiny bit jealous. when did my baby get to be so big? it's enough to break my heart.

but when i see him smile so hard his face nearly cracks open just because he saw me, or when he grabs hold of the tablecloth and starts pulling an entire dinner for nine right onto the floor i can't help but hold him close, breathe deeply and then kiss the snot out of him.

what is it about my children that makes me want to dine on them?

and why, oh why must they grow so fast?

excuse me, i'm off to hold a child who just drooled his weight in saliva. and i promise you i will love every minute of it.

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Aria Bethards said...

I was just thinking, "Seth's already 6 months? But that's how old Sydney is!", but then I realized she's almost 8 MONTHS! Where does the time go?!