Tuesday, February 3, 2009

There are Commandments! We follow all ten, and I am commanding you to stop!

this may be old news to the rest of you, but i just learned that my favorite tv show, pushing daisies, was canceled. in october. i have no idea how i missed that.


i may never watch abc again ("hooray!" says ryan).

in all seriousness, i wonder why they canceled something so well loved? and why are people wasting their time watching lost and its wandering plots when you can see something like this:

my poor heart can barely take it.

on an upside (the ONLY upside), what size is chuck and what are they going to do with her wardrobe i wonder?


Hernan said...

They never recuperated from the writer's trike.
They are thinking in canceling Heroes!!!!!!!!!!!

Rob and Shante said...

my husband informed me that it may have been a secret plot to steal one of the writers for heroes that was working on pushing daisies. they fired all the writers on heroes and got new ones because the last 2 seasons were terrible. i was sad as well when i found out. but i have to say lost is my favorite ever show. pushing daisies was my fun show. now we will never know what happened to chucks dad! blast them!!

Mari said...

I too LOVED pushing daisies. So witty, so cute, so pretty. And yes... what ARE they doing with Chuck's wardrobe?

cara lou said...

It truly is a travasty. I don't know that I'll ever recover from something like this.

Can we *please* have a PD-watching-pie-eating night sometime soon? Just tell us when and we'll be there, DVDs and pie in hand.

miriam said...

heroes is NOT my favorite show. and if pushing daisies got canceled so heroes could have one of their writers, i'll yell at someone. with a mean face.