Tuesday, March 23, 2010


davis crying and seth trying to hand her the teddy bear

as i look through my viewfinder, i see seth slowly lean back without changing his expression. next thing i know, he's flat on his back. perhaps a sign that he'd had enough?
davis' sign: she turned around
seth is actually digging something out of the wood AND EATING IT

set and ava have one cousin: her name is davis. and this weekend davis came out to visit with her parents, shannon and justin. since all three grandchildren were constantly hanging out together, kristine requested a picture. and we sure tried to give it to her.

at one point shannon and kristine were dancing wildly in the weeds, swinging their arms, laughing hysterically and singing, "a wise man build his house upon a rock. . ." and while ryan laughed and seth looked puzzled (you'll notice his expression doesn't change. i don't think he smiled once), i shouted, "RODGE! RODGE!" because the reflector was being held askew and there was shadow on seth's face.

remind me to never do that again.


Chris said...

Ok - we gotta have these in a frame on the wall. Make it happen...please.

Jessie said...

oooh, reflector. sounds professional! Beautiful colors and great expressions! :)

Manda said...

and all through it Ava is smiling and hamming it up for the camera...

wasatch said...

I actually like the one with seth laying down, it is just so cute like he has had more than any man should have to take. All of them are beautiful with very beautiful cousins!
Aunt Novella