Monday, March 1, 2010


so friday night rolls around and i get a phone call from kevin.

"are you ready?" he asks me.

"for what?" (confession, this question made me panic. was i supposed to pick him up somewhere? did we have plans? was my poor kevin sitting outside of some building all by himself waiting for me to remember him???)

"for a dog. he doesn't have rabies or anything."

while a fabulous selling point, it was not THE selling point i was looking for. good thing there was more to than the lack of rabies to make him appealing. he's about a year old and we think he's a labrador pug mix. and so far, he's been wonderful.


redstarmama said...

I must confess that the idea of a Labrador-pug mix makes me giggle a bit. Finally a dog with a silly personality to match his cute little smushed up face!

Birgit said...

thank you for the dog-info! ;-)

Morgan said...

He is SO CUTE. What a fabulous picture!