Tuesday, March 30, 2010

what came for me

it has arrived. long awaited, definitely and now that it's here i feel like it's been set in the middle of the hall and i trip over it every time i walk through: much like i trip over sam and buddha wrestling every morning.

sometimes when i think about being a mom i remember scenes from movies that are meant to be comedic; when there are wrestling, running, sticky, messy children and animals EVERYWHERE and the poor mother or overwhelmed visitor is trying to get by and they are stepping over people and things and being bumped against the wall to avoid catastrophe. . . that's how i feel in this little house of ours. every morning i feel as though there are hundreds of children and animals and they are running non-stop with their arms over their heads and screaming and i must somehow make my way around them without getting hurt. sometimes, if i am performing this task especially well, i will be forced to hold something like a basket of laundry or a crying child or a small cat that's about to have his fur trimmed by an eager child with scissors. sometimes, if i am doing that too well, i must walk the course while holding something and having something else hold on to my leg.

more than feeling any sense of outrage or frustration with this situation, i wonder, how do they do that? how do those four little creatures (girl, boy, dog and cat) multiply like that?

so the thing that arrived: it came yesterday and i have been staring at it all day. it was there at eliza's birthday party when i held stephanie's baby boy and he pulled his pacifier out of his mouth and with strict determination rolled it around and around near his tongue, trying to figure out how to get it back in. and i stared at it again when i watched brittany's sweet, sweet little baby with his big dark eyes and his adorable little curl on top of his head and i wished, wished, wished to take more pictures of him.

that's right: i'm baby hungry.

so ryan and i snuck away this afternoon to eat gelato right before dinner (thanks aaron!) and we were supposed to discuss a plan put forth by my chiropractor to cure the back my children have destroyed but instead i answered ryan's question of, "how will we pay for this?" with, "i want a baby."

and ryan raised his eyebrows, paused, and responded the way he responds when i say, "I want a kitten." he said, "you have a baby. his name is seth." (except when i ask for a kitten he says, "you have a kitten. his name is buddha")

and while ryan is correct, because every afternoon seth wakes up from his nap in a complete daze and i hold him on my lap and he rests his cheek against my chest until he feels more alert and then i ask him, "do you want a snack?" and he looks up at me, completely solemn, pulls his pacifier from his mouth and nods the most solemn nod you ever saw. also, he wears footsy pajamas. he sleeps with a blankee. i let him take a bit of a bottle to bed with him at night. he doesn't really talk much (that could be ava. she sort of uses up all the words in the room. no one really gets to talk with her around).

but at the same time, he wants to go outside and play with the other children. he wants to play soccer in the backyard. he wants to play fetch with sam. the other night he wasn't going to sleep in his bedroom. instead he was calling, "Mom? Mom?"

and finally i shouted, "WHAT?"

and he paused, then said, "more?"

and i sighed a deep sigh of frustration because FOR THE LOVE OF PETE CHILD CAN'T YOU JUST GO TO SLEEP ALREADY??? and i shouted, "you want more bottle?"

and again he paused and then he shouted, "yes."

and then i sighed another deep sigh, thrust myself from my cozy spot on the couch and went to his bedroom. where ava was sleeping and seth was standing and smiling and holding his bottle out for me.

i must be crazy. how can i live in the chaos which is my life, how can i attempt a grocery shopping trip which is so much like herding cats that some days i just won't go because i just can't muster the energy, how can i stand to add even more laundry to the abundant piles around me, how can i manage one more nap schedule, entertain one more person, hold one more hand?

and yet i have room for one more. somehow. somewhere. and i'm excited. i anticipate those little hands holding mine after eating a good meal and burping a good burp and seeing those first brand new toothless smiles that are random and so, so beautiful.

obviously, it'll be awhile. i mean, i'm not going to go out and get pregnant tomorrow, but at least i know i'm ready. and that i want it. and also, that i'm crazy. and perhaps, that i have a death wish. but really, is that any sort of surprise?


Crystal said...

I'm glad to hear that you feel that way, even if it also makes you feel totally nuts. Because that means I may possibly sometime in the future think about wanting another child. :)

redstarmama said...

I also am glad you feel that way, because I feel exactly the same way, and I only have 7 weeks until my third child is born.

Somehow our tiny madhouses and our elastic hearts will stretch to make room for another one.

It's very reassuring to be in such good company.

Amber Marie said...

put the animals outside.

and i'm sooooooo happy and excited just thinking about another gorgeous child coming into this world!! you could do it soon, c'mon! :)

Brittany said...

I am amazed at your candid thoughts, especially when it comes to describing your talk with Ryan...I wish I could express myself so poignantly. Now go get pregnant so we can have company in the wee hours of the morning:)

Tyson and Carrie said...

I wish I could express myself like you can, you do it so good. I love reading your blog! I have to say you made me think at one point "I want another one". It is amazing how you can do it with that many people and animals running around, but you can!

Birgit said...

Yes, you can!! ;-))
I was always wondering when you get pregnant again. I dont know how to word it in english but for me you are that kind of mom who will get minimum three kids. You will handle it just fine!!!

{Erica} said...

i remember when that feeling came to me.

I have a pretty good feeling that it won't ever come again however. I just feel satisfied and complete this time around. call me crazy but we are done!

This post was lovely to read!

p.s. pets go outside friend!

Freckles said...

Yay, that's awesome Miriam. You make such cute kids, that I think you're obligated to have more! ; ) Going from 2-3 is another big adjustment, but I'm sure you'll be fine and muster added grace and style to the chaos.

bethanyr32 said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel. I've been having those same feelings lately. Mike mostly thinks I'm crazy. (However, I just found out we don't have maternity coverage on our insurance, so no baby for us anytime soon either.)

Morgan said...

Seeing that I'm not a mother, I can't say that I've ever had that feeling, but I'm pretty sure that I will. Someday. No, I do not think that you are crazy.