Friday, March 12, 2010

SSS (swim suit season)

so. swimming suit season.

it's almost here.

and, what's worse, i signed us all up for swimming classes starting the middle of march. we're going to try ava's class AGAIN to see if she can learn something this time. and by "see if she can learn something this time" i really mean. . .um, see if she can learn something this time but in the best possible way (cheesy smiley face so you don't get offended). because last year she refused to get past the first step in the pool and then a couple times her teacher got her out in the water but she freaked out and climbed him and clung to his head as if she were a cartoon character. at the end of the class ryan the swimming teacher came up to me with his clipboard and said, "well, in this class we try to teach the children different things so they can move on to the next class," i peeked at the list. it said things like, "kicks on the kick board, puts head under water, blows bubbles" and do i really need to tell you about how one time ryan the swimming teacher approached ava with the idea that she could stick only half of her face under water and blow some really fun bubbles and she kicked him in the face as she got away from him as fast as she possibly could? ryan the swimming teacher mentioned a few of the other items on the list and then he took a deep breath and started apologetically, "i'm sorry, but i don't think that ava's really ready for the next class yet."

this made me laugh. yeah, i didn't think so either, but thanks for attempting to spare my feelings, ryan the swimming teacher.

so, another swimming lesson season has come and i've signed ava up for another round of lessons. these lessons are only thirty minutes long and for awhile i was concerned with what i was going to do with seth during these lessons until i put two and two together and thought, "hey! i'll sign him up for mommy and me swimming class!"

well, that would be great if I DIDN'T HAVE TO GET IN THE POOL. too late. the class has been filled, seth has a swimming suit and on monday i went to target to try to find one that would flatter (hah!) my matronly figure. well, that was a HORRIBLE idea. because guess what? seth doesn't like to sit in a dressing room while his mother tries on swim suits. so i'm mid-change and seth THROWS open the door and RUNS for his life. and ava chases him screaming. and i'm standing there in my underwear with a swimming suit half on.

well that's just GREAT. so i change, grab my children, head back out to the swim suit section and grab every swim suit in every size i think i might want and i buy them all. then i get home and try them all on after the children have gone to sleep. i'll return the unwanted ones later.

much better. except for the fact that after this is all over, i'm going to still have to don the swim suit and get in the pool in a couple weeks.


Liz said...

You've reminded me that my boys can't swim. Dang. Now I've gotta start doing this, too. Oh phooey.

Amber Marie said...

have so been there with the dressing room door being thrown open!! ryan has some thing with me bringing clothes home to try on when i can do it at the store...what a naive young man! i hope you find something that works, target has a lot of cute suits this season.

redstarmama said...

This might make you feel better:

I live five minutes from the beach. (That's not the part that will make you feel better, this is...)

I will be giving birth at the end of May. And having a c-section, no less. This means that my entire summer will be consumed in getting rid of the unsightly post-pregnancy belly, largely without the benefit of strenous exercise. And the beach will be there, taunting me every day. I'm not even going to buy a swimsuit this year.

No matter what you do, you will look infinitely better in your swimsuit than I would, even at Mommy and Me class. It could be far more depressing! ;)

miriam said...

jenn your story is why i tell all women who complain about summer pregnancy why having a baby in august is so awesome. because everyone thinks a pregnant woman looks cute in a bathing suit (note: not a bikini) and then you have your baby at the end of summer and you use the entire year to get rid of most of the baby pounds.

Brittany said...

We can't wait to swim...just bought Hazel a swimsuit today, only now she has to learn to swim...we will be seeing you ALL at the pool soon right?

Jennifer said...

It could be FUN! Either way, I'll love hearing about your adventures from swim class this time :)

Jamie Pearson said...

Good luck with Ava in swim lessons. isn't she used to the pool I thought your parents had a pool. You should just throw her in the pool and tell her to swim...okay I can only say that because I teach swim lessons all year round and I want to do that to some i teach. Oh and I'm sure you look fine in a swim suit.

Morgan said...

You are a brave woman, Miriam. I would never even consider taking such a class. When I think of swimming, I immediately think of swimsuits, and let me tell you- swimsuits and I do NOT mix. I haven't worn one since I was 14, and in all honesty I think I could live quite happily if I never had to wear one again. There is no desire whatsoever.

I have always wondered how mothers with young children manage to try on clothes when they go shopping. It just seems impossible. Well now I know the secret. Brilliant.