Friday, May 2, 2008

the best ever

sitting there in quiet, feeling comfortable and feeling that new little life wiggle about. it is just so . . .lovely.

let's hear your best ever.


tara said...

Cliffs of Moher, standing on the precipice, wind tangling my hair and rippling through the green Irish grasses, see the ocean stretch to eternity, sun on my face, the clouds make shadows on the water, only hearing the crash of the waves against the jagged rocks, wanting to stretch my arms and dive into the dark sea.

Amber Marie said...

so I saw this place in my domino mag and then looked it up online. it is a hotel surplus wholesale place. some of the stuff is brand new some is actually from high-end hotels (supposedly). anyway the are in van nuy (s/p?). not sure how close that is to you but if you are needing furniture I would love for you to check it out :) they have just a stack of headboards for 20 bucks. my kind of place for sure.

p.s. you and tara have a peculiar relationship

bird said...

Amber, your comment made me laugh. What is peculiar about our relationship?

The Nurse said...

lovely- it is lovely when they are that small. my LARGE child was hurting me the other day. i didn't even provoke it. i was just laying there innocently trying to sleep and the little pill kept pushing and pushing. she is now grounded for the first week of her life.

Birgit said...

the best ever:
The kids are sleeping in their beds, the sun is down. We are sitting at our Loggia with the beautiful view over Vienna. The streetlights are getting brighter, the air is clear and fresh.
We are having a dring and a snack and talk about live ... oh yeah!!