Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a letter to a friend

dear sarah,

you THROW the clay on the wheel? and it just sticks? what happens if you don't throw hard enough or you have bad aim or you don't center it?

please tell me more about parkour.

the magazine is good. it's finished! i have a copy. you don't have to have a copy, but if you would like one, i'll grab one for you. i think they're fifteen dollars. you're such a supportive friend.

i've never read les mis, although i've started it a bajillion times. it's long. very long. and there are a lot of people involved. and their stores are told in full. and their stories are long. very long.

it's too bad you just discovered those bad-hair hippies. think of the time you'd save! and the money people would hand you in the street because you looked homeless.

ava and i went to the janss marketplace to splash in the fountain today. she didn't like the unpredictable water. so mostly we just watched. unfortunately, we chose a seat next to the speakers and now i may be slightly deaf in my right ear. this is a pity because i've always thought it to be my prettier ear (just kidding).

i have tomatoes growing!!! they are there, even if they're still small and very green. i have grown the beginnings of a tomato! i feel very proud of my tomato. i feel it may compensate for every other plant i have killed in my past. i keep meaning to go to osh and find some flowers or strawberries or some other plant because i have this large, flat-ish storage bin and lots of extra soil and room on my patio.

tell me more about one world. they sound wonderful. you're right: right up my ally. too bad they're in salt lake.

love you, too,


Sarah said...

Oh, actually you just slap the clay down, scoot it to the center a little bit if your judgement was off, then start the wheel.

After that it gets harder.

Sarah said...

There are parkour videos on youtube, but they are a little long. You get the idea after the first 10 seconds. Basically, it's movie stunt man stuff -- I'll stick with running. (Is youtube one word or two?!?)

redstarmama said...

I just finished the unabridged Les Mis. While I love Victor Hugo, I think I prefer the abridged version, really. Is that some sort of sacrilege?

Hernan said...

Yes... it is.

Manda said...

Did you know that when you're pregnant you shouldn't be cleaning out the litter box? There's something in cat poo thats potentially toxic to the baby. We learned this in psychology today and I was just curious if you were aware of this.

And a week from tomorrow, you and I should have lunch with mom. Because that would be really fun =)

bird said...

yes, i've heard. the thing that a lot of people don't know is only some cats can have this virus/thing (very few) and they're mostly feral. and the only way it can hurt me is if i touch the poop with my hands and then bring my hands to my lips and lip them and swallow.
but thank you for your concern with the nephew-to-be. he thanks you also. or he will.