Thursday, May 22, 2008

weekly mouse

this is "the face". perhaps i've taken too many pictures, or perhaps this yet another way to exert her little would-be 2-year-old independence, but when i call her name with a camera lens in front of my face, i usually get this. i can't say that it's my favorite.

also, that is my mother. she thinks ava's hilarious. i think ava has caught on and has grown addicted to making her grandmother laugh because she tends to get a little more adorable when grandma's around. not fair.


Amber Marie said...

wow your mom is beautiful! ava is cute too of course :) love "the face"

Liz said...

At least she'll look at the camera. As soon as I pull out my camera, Soren runs away laughing like a maniac. He thinks he's so funny...little bugger. I agree with the previous comment - your mother is beautiful. I see now where you get it from! Ava is precious.

Birgit said...

Your mom looks beautiful!

Christina did this too. Whenever I took my camera she made some strange faces ... (right words?). She did it for about one year, now for a few weeks, she´s got her nice smile back! (but now Christoph starts ...)

bird said...

all the right words, birgit! it's good to know it can be a stage. ava's starting to look abused! i think in future times she's going to ask me if she had a happy childhood.