Tuesday, May 27, 2008

how ava spent her weekend

the weather was pathetic, so we stayed inside nearly the entire time (i granite shopped on saturday and ryan tennis-ed on monday). it was a perfect weekend. this morning i was sad as i watched ryan put on his shirt and tie. how can we make it a 4-day weekend?

tell me about your memorial day.


Hernan said...

I went grave Hunting (looking for the presidents graves!)
It was fun!!!

and pleasant!

redstarmama said...

We did nothing on Saturday beyond toying with the idea of watching some movie trilogy and going to dinner at a restaurant that sadly, wasn't there anymore. Sunday was the usual. Monday we went to look at our new house, where the owner is giving us some new furniture, and attempted the beach. Gale force winds drove us pool-side, where we swam and tanned. A little shopping at the O'Neill store parking lot sale, and a BBQ with friends completed the day. If it hadn't been yucky weather, it would have been perfect. Why were you granite shopping?

taradise said...

Those pictures are fantastic.

I memorialized the vets. Mostly in my mind though.

Birgit said...

Well, we had no memorial day, but because of a church holiday a 4-day weekend!! Yeah!
We spent most of the time in our garden with gardening, ... later we had a short trip to a Middel Age festival next to our garden. It was pretty nice, but I´m not very interested in knights and these things.
On Sunday we went to the "Wiener Prater", a amusement park in Vienna. It´s different to american parks, because the entrance is free, but you have to pay for every ride. So we just spent about 10 Euro (14 USD) for the whole day.
I love these weekends!!

Manda said...

It's amazing to me how much she grew up in just a month. She's so darling!

As you know, I spent my weekend with Sam. And we're not boyfriend and girlfriend. We're BFF+. We both think it sounds less cheesy. Or silly. Whatever it is, it's different. And I like it.

I want to come home for the fourth of July. I doubt I can though. =/

bird said...

my mom is remodeling her house and i get to come along and offer my opinions. the best thing is we have the same sense of style so i like everything she's doing and she likes my opinions.

Freckles said...

Looks like she had fun with daddy! How cute. Jeremy and I worked in the lawn some more, but it was cold monday so we just hung out all day. Nothing exciting.

Liz said...

Such cute pictures. It's obvious that Ava adores her Daddy and vice versa.

We didn't do much either...mostly because we were all sick. I actually forgot it was a holiday on Monday until I commanded Dan to take something to the mailbox for me and he patiently reminded me that the mailman wouldn't be picking anything up until the next day. It was a bit of a jolt. I like being able to take things slow every now and then, though.