Tuesday, May 6, 2008


my stomach is large now. when i open the refrigerator door, it bumps into my bump. it takes me a moment, but then i remember that i'm expanding rapidly and must take a step back. ava is also having a hard time fitting in to my lap. she is dealing with this problem with her best denial yet. she just figures she should lean back harder, sometimes bracing her feet on the floor and pushing to make more room. seth pushes back and i say to ryan, "look, they're fighting already. isn't that cute?"
ava, too, is growing. she's stringing words together to create miniature sentences that are just as good as those miniature cadbury easter eggs. she's saying "yes" which, i have to say, i wasn't quite sure she was capable of saying. for awhile i thought she might have some sort of rare speech impediment that kept her from answering in the affirmative. if the answer was an obvious yes (for example, "would you like a pony?") instead of saying no, she merely screamed, "DON'T!" as if being held against her will against the pony's backside. such strong vocal chords in that little girl. how sweet.
and of course, my favorite: she says thank you. she's actually very dedicated to this little phrase, it is absolutely said every time she is handed something. and you must say "you're welcome" afterwards. YOU MUST. otherwise she'll just repeat the thank you. over and over and over again. and sometimes she'll throw a MOMMYMOMMYMOMMYMOMMY in front so you know to pay attention. that one makes my hair stand on end.
yesterday, while witnessing me on the toilet and sticking around in case i started singing (why else would she demand to be present every time i use the ladies room?), she handed me my toilet paper. i said, "thank you." to which she smiled sweetly and said, "welcome." then i died. right there on the toilet. that was the moment that made up for every bit of labor i experienced. she has returned the favor. and i am more in love with her than ever.


Amber Marie said...

I love it! I love how you confess that your "hair stands on end" and then the next moment you melt. That is motherhood. well put as always :)

Manda said...

I really can't wait to come home and see her again. Already she's looking so much older than I remember. And it's only been three weeks!

Freckles said...

Oh, the fridge hitting the belly, I could never remember that one, always got bumped! haha You're hilarious. I love hearing your take on pregnancy, keep us updated.

Shar said...

My kid just said thank you to me for the first time. It seriously melted my heart.