Friday, May 23, 2008

will you accept this rose?

i just watched the beginning portion of the bachelorette (oh don't give me those looks! i had a weak moment) and had some thoughts:

number one: isn't this just an outrageous way to get revenge on your ex-boyfriend who you're still smarting from? they kept saying things over and over, "you'll meet 25 of the best single men in america to help you forget brad" (to which she smartly replied, "who?" and we all shared a good laugh) or "brad is going to really see what he's missing" or "the day brad turned you away will be the day he regrets for the REST OF HIS LIFE". isn't this just a little pathetic? and this brad guy, does he really feel that bad about it? are we sure she's not just coming off as desperate?

number two: deAnna's dress could quite possibly be the ugliest dress EVER. and i think it was too big.

number three: who are these people? and why is she inviting them on a date instead of saying, "i'm getting a restraining order." there are guys walking around without their shirts on saying things like, "deanna's everything i want in a woman: she's hot." or holding their dog (who is ugly) and telling the dog, "can you wish me luck? can you wish me luck to go win the heart of the girl i love?" (i'm sorry, love? isn't that a strong word? i mean, you know, since you haven't met her and everything??)

number four: is this show real? can it be real? i mean, what could they possibly have to gain from flaunting all of their sad lonely lives all over national television to win the heart of a girl they DON'T EVEN KNOW???

and finally, number five: is anyone watching this show (or are you not really into admitting it now that i've wiped the floor with your favorite past time)? and what do you think?


Annie said...

This show makes me sick. I caught glimpses of the that episode as I was flipping through stations. My favorite was when she said "I KNOW I'm going to find my true love!" Um... hello? She really knows that? Didn't she learn from the first time around? There's a reason why only one (as far as I know) couple from the hundred billion seasons of this show has stayed together. They got lucky.

taradise said...

I'm ashamed to admit that I too saw it. My roommate is OBSESSED with the show. I like watching all the ridiculous tools make idiots of themselves.

I also wonder what these people mean every time they use the word "love". I wish English was like Hebrew with the multiple (4, I think) words that connote different kinds of love. That would clear things up a bit.

eRiCa said...

I watch and NOT ashamed of it....we all need our lame indulgences right?

Yes her dress was ugly and way too big.

I watch because it makes me grateful for the life I have :) okay...okay...and also because I like me a little (just a tad bit) of smutty there :)

I've watched The Bachelor since the first show and it has now become a tradition with me and a small group of close friends.

bird said...

we all have our television indulgences. mine is the hills. i hate that show, but at the same time, i really love it (and by love, i mean that i enjoy watching nothing happen to a bunch of really young people with endless amounts of money).

my questions is, do you think it can be real? can these people really be expecting to find and marry someone as result of this show and stay found and married?

Liz said...

Ugh. Can't stand the show. It's televised evil in my opinion - oozing with immorality, nudity, profanity, and just about any other "-ity" you can think of! :) This is one of those shows that I believe pushes the limits. It started out not so terrible, but has progressively become worse until women are throwing all they've got (and I do mean all) at men and vice versa. Why do I want to watch that? Cat fights on speed and boudoir amore plastered all over my television screen. Nope, not into it.

All that being said, I do know how easy it is to get sucked into shows that you really know, in the back of your head, you just shouldn't be watching. That was Grey's Anatomy for me. I lasted for two seasons before I finally decided to make a break with "Grey's Immorality," as my brother-in-law has so aptly named it. I just don't need to willingly and happily invite sludge into my home. I am my children's buffer against the world, so why would I invite it in and give it free reign? Ah, look at me, on my soapbox again. That's what I love about your posts, Miriam, they are always thought-provoking and discussion-inducing. Bravo! :)

The Nurse said...

i totally watch it... and i think it is funny. i don't know if they find true love. i would imagine that it would be hard to be truly in love with all of the cameras and everything around. but who knows? maybe they really do find love.

Hernan said...

I don't watch any show mentioned in this comments besides "The Hills" and I know... WHAT???? It is shame full.. and I never mention that I watch that... Every once in a while when I just don't want to deal with reality anymore I lock myself in my room and watch a couple episodes on internet!!! So sad

I do think it's kind of fake... (although sometimes I wonder)

I also think it's retarded and brain-consuming show... but, as you said, I just enjoy seeing rich-people's life

pixiestylist said...

never really watched it, but it sounds pretty dumb. i agree w/ what you said.

Ella said...

Reality TV is huge in Europe where the concept began.

I never watch this show. People are better off seeking to meet people through friends.