Thursday, May 1, 2008

miss madeline

i don't write much about the little cat that lives in my apartment, but i sure do think about her a lot. she's the perfect cat in almost every way. she's sweet, she's silent, she's friendly in a want-to-be-in-the-room-but-not-on-you sort of way, she eats properly and poops properly. . .my small problem with madeline the french kitten? she's rather unaffecionate. this is rather sad because i like to have animals around for the snuggling factor. not the starved-for-attention kind of snuggling factor (that leads to guilt and then, later, to resentment), but the while-you-watch-tv-would-you-mind-rubbing-my-head snuggling factor. if i'm lucky, madeline might deign to sit so close to my feet the edge of her might brush me. however, if i even twitch the smallest muscle in my right ear, she'll immediately glare, get up and sit rather hotly elsewhere, obviously disgusted with how inconsiderate i am.

as time has moved on, we've all kind of grown accustomed to the no-touching madeline rule (ryan loves it) so you'd have to imagine my surprise when, in the middle of the night last night, madeline came and sat right next to me and slept there. and by right next to me, i mean that a great deal of her body was touching mine. unfortunately, she was purring, so while i was soaking in all of this cat affection, ryan grumbled something, scooped her up and tossed her on the floor.

my cat may never touch me again.


Kari said...

Oh thats to bad :) I don't think I could have a kitty that didn't want to snuggle. Mine kitties are always on our laps and climbing under the covers next to us at night. It gets a little old being covered in cat hair all the time, but theres nothing better than a warm furry cat to curl up around.

Amber Marie said...

haha, i love that story. I also LOVE that picture of Ava, she does look so old! She is such a gorgeous girl, I know you know that but I have to tell you anyway. Looks like you had fun on the cruise, lucky!