Thursday, February 11, 2010

3.5, baby

likes to talk. can talk a hundred miles a minute (and, in the words of my father, "As Mom might say, she came by it honestly.  That means it reminds me of a little girl I once knew." OKAY FINE! it serves me right having a child who talks this much. i mean, i guess i have talked a few ears off a few people in this lifetime of mine. HI CAROL!). so this little girl dances like a ballerina  complete with toes pointed and arms gracefully curving overhead. puts her own clothes and shoes on. backwards. like, everytime. wants grapes, string cheese and chicken every lunchtime. also, fruit snacks. loves to tell people, "i once had a cat and now it's DEAD." (she's not talking about buddha) thinks that ryan and i live some extravagant party lifestyle complete with nightclubs, bodyguards, enormous purses and bug eye sunglasses after she and seth go to sleep and every night begs for a chance to stay up and live it with us. is too tall to sit on my lap properly. when i read to her at night, she sits next to me. smiles a sweet smile and puts her little hand on my cheek when telling me she loves me. wants to sit next to the faucet at every bath. still sleeps with her blankee. still loves princesses. still sweet. 

and now, she's just old.


Brittany said...

She will never not be your least that is what I think when I hold my monster of a boy who still loves to kiss me goodbye as he goes to that pure love or what?

Amber Marie said...

oh goodness. they don't get any more gorgeous than this one! i can't believe our girls are getting so dang BIG.

Jennifer said...

She is absolutely beautiful and sounds adorable. You're a lucky lady!

Erica said...

Why does she think you and Ryan are socialites at night? How did that even come about? And can I stay up and come with you?

Anonymous said...

(Hi, Miriam.)
(Oh, last I checked, I still had ears. Guess you'll have to talk more.)