Wednesday, February 17, 2010

it's called compromise. and guilt.

me: so what are we going to do tonight?

ryan: we should watch marley and me.

me: (with a groan and a whine) i don't want to watch that movie!

ryan: we have to. kevin gave it to us. he's going to keep asking us if we've watched it yet.

me: yeah. i don't want to watch a movie where i cry over a dumb animal that isn't even mine. i hate that. we could watch butch cassidey and the sundance kid instead

ryan: yeah. or that one with russel crowe.

me: yeah. or my sister's keeper.

ryan: yeah. or not. i'll go get marley and me started. try not to fall asleep.


Tyson and Carrie said...

that movie is so sad! Trent cried for the longest time after that movie, he loves dogs!

taradise said...

Ew, I'm with you on that one. Although I have no desire to see My Sister's Keeper either.

redstarmama said...

I was actually surprised that I enjoyed Marley & Me. Of course, I was also doing a marathon laundry folding session at the time, so really anything would have kept my attention. I truly expected it to be lame, and it wasn't that bad.

That said, I would rather watch Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid anyday. Love me some Robert Redford!