Friday, February 5, 2010

friday favorite no. 1

one of my favorite bloggers, erica, does a mod podge monday every week where she lists her favorite finds. since she started doing that, i started keeping track of my favorite things from my "window" shopping excursions  online and now, for all of your viewing pleasure, i'm going to start listing them on my blog fridays as a "friday favorites" feature. fun!
1.  this stamp. you can buy a self-inking or a hand stamp. isn't that calligraphy so aesthetically pleasing? the visions i have when i see this cute stamp include sweet little handwritten notes and mittens. i don't know why mittens, but somehow, when i envision myself walking down to mailbox to mail off a letter, i'm wearing a really cute coat with mittens. note this: i have only lived in a place where you could wear mittens without looking like a freak for two years. and i did not own mittens once. obviously, this is a shame.

2. these quilts from pottery barn. lucky, lucky me, my very good friend vanessa works at pottery barn and she gives me her discount. i just might have to find a new bedspread. because seriously? the one we have is so sad i feel cranky every time i climb into bed. and it is so hard to find decent looking bedding that isn't cheap, lame or ugly.

3. wouldn't these be super cute in my little mouse's hair? you can find them here.

4. this is lazercut silhouette makes me so happy. the "beez neez"? classic.

5. you've heard about buddha at this point, i'm sure. and i'd love to upgrade his lame-o grocery store purchased collar to a cute homemade collar from etsy. i love this fabric, but i doubt buddha would. i mean, he is a b boy, after all. he probably wants something a little more "street".

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redstarmama said...

Love this idea! If I wasn't a victim of pregnancy brain suckage, I might do something similar. You can never see too many adorable things, right?