Tuesday, February 16, 2010

why i stink at dieting

me: try this. it's a 90 calorie diet-y kind of cereal bar.

ryan: after telling me that, why on earth would i try it?

me: because! it's actually good.

ryan: actually, it's not bad. but i have a 300 calorie minimum for snack foods.

me: i do too. that's why i eat three at a time.


Jessie said...

yeah, 90 calories doesn't sit long enough for that satisfied feeling. And if ya look great (like you do!) then I say eat three servings! Especially if there's chocolate drizzled on top.

Kari and Robert said...

if i had your naturally beautiful shape, i'd stink at dieting too. well actually, i do stink at dieting anyways...ha!