Monday, February 8, 2010

i'm not their nanny, i'm their mother

i'm talking to a man who one day may hire me for some writing. he says, "so, miriam! what do you do now? are you in school? do you work?"

"no," I answer, "i'm a mother."

he looks shocked. "a mother?" he repeats. "really! how interesting!"

"yeah, i have a three-year-old and a one-year-old at home," i say, with a smile.

his eyes travel to my ring finger where my wedding band is. "oh," he says, "you must be older than you look. i thought you were eighteen."

okay, i know i look young (as does ryan. i think he finally looks like he might be in his twenties now. when ava was first born, i think people suspected him to be a really tall fourteen-year-old) but eighteen? really? should i start wearing some make up maybe?


3 Three and Under said...

I get the same thing. If I'm out with the kids with my mom, people think that my mom is the mother and I'm the big sister. My mom loves it, I can't really say the same for myself.

Amber Marie said...

i had an air conditioning technician who was in the house about 10 minutes then turned to me and said (as i was 6 months preggo and camilla was running around calling me mommy), is there someone here who is over 18 because i'm not suppose to be in the house unless there is...i assured him i was over 18 (by about 10 years!)

Amanda Thiessen Photography said...

thank you for the blog love! and yes, it is totally a tough business! but, it's awesome :)
and i really feel you on looking younger than you really are. im 26 and recently i went with my husband to his little brother's highschool wrestling match...needless to say they let us go in for free because they thought i was a 15 year old student as well. i cant wait to be pregnant and get the dirty looks because it looks like my husband and i are 12 and having a baby :/

Morgan said...

I get that one a lot. Everyone always thinks that I'm at least 5 years younger than I actually am. People usually think that my little sister's the 20-year-old and that I'm the 15-year-old. And then when they find out the truth they always act like they just gave me this huge compliment. Uhh not really. What kind of 20-year-old wants to look like she's 15? Not me. I don't think it will be a compliment until I'm at least 40.

The New Hampshire Transplant said...

oh the irony because i'm a nanny and i get asked about "my kids" all the time and have to explain that they aren't mine and i'm a little too young to be a mommy yet.